Centric Software, an innovative product concept to launch platform, featuring its flagship, market-leading and award-winning Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, Centric PLM®, is facilitating digital transformation for retailers, brands and manufacturers across all segments of consumer goods including cosmetics, and luxury. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Centric Software has digital solutions to satisfy the needs of every player in the market, large and small, and supports their mission to develop high-quality, sustainable products that are on time, on trend and in the right distribution channel. Its core solutions – all open platforms that easily integrate with other systems – include: 

  • Centric PLM, to streamline the product development process from concept to retail.
  • Centric Planning™, providing best-in-class data and visually-driven financial, merchandise and assortment planning as well as store and vendor forecasting for seamless and fast, pre and in-season execution. 
  • Centric Pricing™ for data-informed decision-making on pricing and product assortments to maximize revenue and margins. 

Centric proudly maintains a 99% customer retention rate and a 100% go-live rate. Awarded for its excellence by Frost & Sullivan five times and a recipient of several other regional accolades, Centric is proud to provide the best solution, backed by the best team to service the best customers.  

For more information, please visit www.centricsoftware.com 

Centric Software, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), is a registered trademark of Centric Software, Inc. All other brands and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.  

CPG companies are under pressure to deliver consumer-centric innovative products which are healthy, sustainable and above all indulgent. This results in an urge to speed up product development processes by increasing efficiency. 

Foodpairing is a business intelligence company able to predict (and consumer validate) successful product concepts and formulations to support product development, product portfolio optimization and innovation. This is possible through the availability of a range of algorithms and a robust (and continuously growing) database covering: 

  • Flavor and sensory science
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Consumer and market insights
  • Culinary expertise
  • Botanical, food and plant expertise

Foodpairing has developed the Digital Twin, an AI-powered platform able to predict the overall liking and purchase intent of product concepts by your consumer enabling targeted product renovations and innovations. 

Foodpairing is unique due to its proprietary physicochemical data in combination with a team that spans a wide range of domains incl data-science, food science, consumer behavior and culinary expertise


Nextatlas is a leading company in the field of technology-driven foresight and marketing intelligence. Nextatlas uses Artificial Intelligence to sift through billions of social media data to gain insights and make predictions for products and brands. Many of the world’s top companies, including those on the Fortune 100 list, have adopted Nextatlas’ technology to stay connected to real-time consumer data from social media sources and to design innovation strategies from new product development to mergers and acquisitions, that align with future consumer expectations. The main benefits for Nextatlas users are based on the accuracy of analysis, combined with time and cost efficiencies while delivering high-quality results. Nextatlas’ AI-driven approach sets them apart from traditional methods, making them an efficient and effective tool for making data-driven business decisions with short, medium, and long-term impact.


The world’s frontrunner in Strategic Revenue Management Solutions with applied AI capabilities. An agile 100% SaaS solution company, aiming to ‘Unleash your excellence’ whilst reducing non-value added work. Bringing back the craftsmanship to the hands of our clients. Providing them with the tools we were missing during our own careers in CPG.

Driven by a steadfast vision to radically improve strategic revenue management for the CPG industry, we reduce the routine workload for CPG organizations by largely automating demand creation, pricing- and budget reviews, and promotion planning. Making all of these elements available at the commercial level where the commercial organization operates. Allowing organizations free up time from daily work routines to instead focus on a strategic and tactical interaction with their customers.

By using AI driven scenario planning, we create direct insight into a full range of options and demonstrate the volume and financial pros and cons in detail, achieving a significantly higher level of reliability than with traditional estimations. Walk away from meetings with actions instead of more questions, with one version of the truth throughout the entire organization.

Our offices are located in New York, London, Mexico City, Barcelona, South Africa, Singapore and head office in The Netherlands. For more information visit our website: https://visualfabriq.com or contact us at info@visualfabriq.com or +31 (0)85 5000 170.