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Entice Consumers & Send Sales Sky Rocketing With Market-Leading, On-Trend NPD & Product Innovations That Meet Consumer Demands For Healthy, Sustainable & Convenient Products With The Hottest Global Ingredients, Cutting-Edge Flavours & Packaging Innovations. A European, Brand-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 30th June 2022, Amsterdam

24 Food & Drink Brands, Retailers & Manufacturers Share Critical Insights On How They Are Meet Growing Consumer Demands For Healthy, Sustainable, Convenient & Ultimately Tasty Food & Drink With Trailblazing NPD & Consumer-Driven Innovations Which Excite Consumers Of All Lifestyles, Globally!

1. Lucrative Health & Wellness Trends: Capitalise on health-conscious consumers with market-leading NPD which satisfies demand and promotes health benefits
2. Green Products, Commercial Success: How can you successfully deliver on-trend, low-impact products and integrate sustainability strategies into your business DNA?
3. Game-Changing Ingredients & Flavours: Explore the latest flavours and ingredients to capture consumer attention and deliver real results in your NPD portfolio
4. Trend-Driven Innovation & Critical Consumer & Shopper Behaviours: Power consumer-led NPD with insight-driven innovations for trailblazing, high-profit products
5. Showcase NPD Success! Exceed expectations with game-changing product development that keep up with ever-evolving trends for a competitive advantage
6. Drive Forward Packaging & Plastics Progress: Pave the way with high-quality, environmentally friendly yet functional and fit-for-budget packaging solutions
7. Plant-Powered NPD! Reach beyond vegans and vegetarians with cutting-edge products that excite all consumers
8. On-The-Go Products For On-The-Go Consumers: Captivate time-poor consumers with trend-led snacking and convenience innovations that fly off the shelves
9. Global Trends & International Influence: Translate global trends into new flavours and combinations that grab attention and diversify your product portfolio
10. Brand New & Refreshed Drinks Insights: Design and develop an exciting and appealing drinks portfolio for lucrative and on-trend product development

24 Food & Drink Brands Speaking. One Inspiring Day: Health & Wellness Trends • Sustainability • Game-Changing Ingredients & Flavours • Consumer Trends, Innovations & Shopper Behaviours • NPD Success • Packaging & Plastics • Plant-Based Innovations • Snacking & Convenience •Unilever Case Study • Global Trends • Refreshed Drinks Insights

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  • Brand New Insights From Gorillas, Danone, Unilever & More!
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions: A) Health & Wellness Trends B) Consumer Trends, Innovations & Shopper Behaviours C) Plant-Based Innovations
  • Peer-To-Peer Breakout Discussions
  • 13 International Perspectives

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Boost Profits With Exciting, Consumer-Driven Food & Drink New Product Development: Entice Consumers & Send Sales Sky Rocketing With Market-Leading, On-Trend NPD & Product Innovations That Meet Consumer Demands For Healthy, Sustainable & Convenient Products With The Hottest Global Ingredients, Cutting-Edge Flavours & Packaging Innovations. A European, Brand-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 30th June 2022, Amsterdam

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 GIC Opening Remarks

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Selen Nur Uysal Mussi, Portfolio Director, Innovation Realization Office, Danone


09.20 Create Market-Leading NPD By Promoting The Health Benefits & Nutritional Value Of Your Products To Satisfy Even The Most Health-Conscious Consumers

  • Low sugar, low sweetener, low fat, low sodium – how can you meet extensive consumer demands without sacrificing on taste and texture?
  • Discover the hottest ingredients that will enhance your products with added health and immunity benefits such as vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins for refreshed and innovative NPD
  • Capitalise on the increasing pandemic-influenced trend towards health and wellness in your new product development to highlight the nutritional benefits of your products

Wisse Albers, Customer Marketing & Category, Manager BE-KIND, Mars

Omer Waysman, Director, Global eCommerce & Business Development, Danone

Lejla Dautović, Innovation & R&D Director, Atlantic Grupa

Susan Connolly, Sales & Marketing Director, Connolly Spar

Remaud Yoan, Category Manager , Système U


09.50 Drive Sustainability From NPD To The Overall Business To Drive Commercial Success Whilst Meeting Critical Environmental Goals With Brand New & Innovative Insights & Strategies

  • We all need to do better! With the global demand for change, improve your brand image by effectively communicating your values and commitments to the environment and your net-zero efforts
  • Follow your footprints and align strategic goals! Don’t let your sustainability journey conflict with your wider business goals by delivering on-trend, low-impact products
  • How can you prepare for the impending wave of eco-taxation?
  • Satisfy consumers’ increasing demand for green initiatives for improved customer confidence and sky-high brand loyalty by balancing value, quality, and sustainability in NPD strategies

Niina Hytti, Director, Product Development, Fazer Confectionery


10.10 Captivate Consumers By Tapping Into The Hottest Trends For Creative, Innovative & Exciting Ingredient & Flavour Innovations

  • What’s cooking? Explore the latest must-have flavours and ingredients to stand out from the crowd and deliver real, game-changing results in your NPD portfolio
  • What are the growing concerns (and opportunities) surrounding the latest health trends when it comes to your ingredients list, and what new ingredients should you be innovating with next?
  • How are NPD teams today balancing the consumer demand for premium ingredients with the inevitable increase in price of raw materials?

Geert Maesmans, Director Research & Development, Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texurizers


10.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.30 Capitalise On The Trailblazing & Profitable Food & Drinks Trends & Innovations To Drive Sales & Satisfy Increasing Consumer Demands

  • Deep dive into emerging trends and assess the longevity of the transformation in consumer habits, lifestyle and consumption since the start of the pandemic in order to pinpoint further innovation routes
  • What trends are truly influencing your consumers purchasing decisions and shopper habits today? Understand what consumers want from your product offering to secure brand popularity and boost loyalty
  • How quickly can NPD teams realistically adapt to the dramatic and fast-changing consumer trends? Can we build strategies flexible enough to jump on trends despite lengthy NPD processes?
  • Acknowledging the trends is one thing, but how can you actually integrate the hottest emerging trends within your business and NPD portfolio?
  • Trend forecasting and industry benchmarking! Anticipate the next trends set to disrupt the market in order to get ahead of the curve with pioneering products which appeal and delight consumers and retailers alike

Jonathan Rason, Director Sensory & Consumer Expertise, FrieslandCampina

Sadik Cevik, General Manager, Benelux, Gorillas

Nanja Wierda, Export Manager, Bodegas Pinea del Duero SL

Francisca Listov-Saabye, Head of Product Development, Lakrids by Bülow

Omer Lechuga, RD&A Director Taste, Kerry

Joana Traver Cornelles, Director Product & Innovation, foodspring

Victoria Krutik, Marketing Director License, Specialities Import, AFB Carlsberg Ukraine


12.00 Showcase NPD Success & Secure A Competitive Advantage From Concept To Launch By Maximising The Latest Product Trends & Monetising Valuable Consumer Insights

  • Ability for agility! We know that consumer trends and behaviours are ever-changing so how are product development teams keeping up with new insights and translating these into pioneering product campaigns?
  • Stay ahead of the game (and competition) by predicting the hottest new trends set to disrupt the NPD landscape in order to make your mark and drive purchasing power
  • In today’s unpredictable and fast-paced landscape, discover brand new insights on how to reduce costs at every stage of the supply chain whilst still developing and investing in the latest innovations for profit-boosting results

12.00 Piet Bogaert, CSST Innovation & R&D Planning & Excellence Leader (Global), Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texurizers

12.20 Julia Granung, Head of Products & R&D, Peas of Heaven


12.40 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Pave The Way With High-Quality, Environmentally-Friendly Yet Functional & Fit-For-Budget Packaging Solutions

  • Meet and exceed rising consumer demands by being transparent and educating them on eco price points in order to decipher how much consumers are actually willing to pay for greener alternatives
  • When approaching new packaging solutions, how can you ensure protection from greenwashing?
  • From glass to aluminium to cardboard: assess all viable alternatives to plastic to find the perfect balance between effective packaging which protects the products and secures a long shelf life, whilst ensuring the packaging is at least recyclable

Massimo Venego, Global R&D Sustainability Director, Anheuser-Busch InBev

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.30 Informal Breakout Discussions

  • P2P’s: Proteins, Meat-Free, Low & No, CBD & Low Sugar

14.00 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks


14.10 Milk The Benefits – As Plant-Based Alternatives Continue To Gain Traction, Reach Beyond Vegans & Vegetarians With Cutting-Edge Products That Excite Consumers Of All Diet Types

  • Vegan, veggie and beyond! Overcome the perception of ‘fake’, ‘tasteless’ and
    ‘inferior’ plant-based and meat-free products with brand new product innovations which fly off the shelves
  • Plant proteins – get up to date with the latest raw materials entering the market which will elevate your products and influence purchase
  • Unlock the key drivers behind your market in order to decipher what taste profiles will consumers accept. Is it all about neutralising taste, or is the consumer willing to explore new flavours?
  • The sensory experience! It’s all about taste but don’t forget the importance of texture, how can you incorporate the perfect sensory experience into your products to really win over your consumers

Mufan Guo, Head of R&D, Happy Ocean Foods

Tadas Eidukevičius, Executive Chef, MGVT


14.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.10 On-The-Go Products For On-The-Go Consumers! Capitalise On Consumer Shopping Habits By Developing Snacking & Convenience Products Which Excite & Impress To Guarantee Boosted Sales

  • As consumer lifestyles continue to change and adapt, what is the future of snacking and convenience post-pandemic?
  • In a highly competitive market drive real growth in your on-the-go and impulse categories to excite time-poor shoppers with convenient, nutritious, and delicious products
  • It might be on-the-go but is it good-to-go? Identify exactly what consumers are looking for now in food-to-go in order to scope gaps in the market and capitalise on insights to drive sales

Marianne Nordblom, Director of Product Development, R&D & Packaging, HKSCAN

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Which F&B Products Does The World Need Now & In The Future?

Dr. Holger York Toschka, Foods Director SEAA, Unilever


16.20 Diversify Your New Product Portfolio With Popular Flavours & Ingredients From Beyond Your Borders To Maximise Profits

  • As the home-market continues to dominate, invite the consumer to bring international cuisine into their home by translating international flavours into your product offering
  • What are the latest global flavours and ingredients inspiring the market today that you should be innovating with next?
  • World-wide success! Expand your current portfolio in order to increase international sales by appealing to all palates

Diana Hernandez, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Grupo Bimbo


16.40 Stay Ahead Of The Curve By Identifying The Latest Drinks Trends & Innovations For Consistently Lucrative & On-Trend Product Development

  • Raise a glass, bottle, carton or can! Capitalise on the latest packaging, ingredients and flavours in the drinks market in order to achieve sky-high sales
  • Stand out of the highly competitive crowd with hottest flavours that are unique to the drinks market by drawing on international influences for innovative NPD that really captures the attention of your consumers
  • The “low” and “no” category is taking the industry by storm, so how can you be monetising the alternatives that your consumers are really thirsty for?
  • Translate critical consumer insight to decipher what really drives consumers today to choose a drink when either eating-in or eating-out

Chris Stewart, Head of Research & Development, Empirical

17.00 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

24 Food & Drink Retailers, Manufacturers & Foodservice Professionals Provide Business-Critical Insights To Capitalise On The Latest Consumer, Market & Retailing Trends & Draw Consumers Through Profitable Food & Drink Innovations Based On Health & Wellness, The Continued Popularity Of Plant-Based Alternatives, Green Packaging & Sustainability, New & Exciting Flavours & Ingredients & Head-Turning Marketing & Communications

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 18th May 2022, London.

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